Creating a great logo / Identity for a client is not an easy task.  There is more involved in the process than one might
think.  In order to create exceptional work we must make changes to ensure we design logos that not only impress
our clients but to make others question who created them.  Identities are not created over night, they take time and
we want to ensure we take as much care as possible to design our best work. The following breaks down the Identity
Packages we offer and the design process. Be sure to note the change in Turnaround time.



The world of graphic design is constantly on the move and it’s always changing. As designers we are required to keep
up with the current technology, learn different tequniques, and always have an open mind to learn something new.
With that said, it’s been a learning process for us to figure out the best way to create a Logo / Identity a customer
is not only satisfied with, but is excited to put said Logo on products we offer.

Below is a diagram of the process of our Logo Packages:


If you have an idea for a logo but you’re not certain if it will be effective, these principles can help!


Contact one of our Sales Reps for additional information and get your new Identity today!