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Frenship ISD is a very well known school district…from their academics to their sports.  Frenship ISD decided to come to us and have us design a new identity for them as well revise a few others.  We had the challenge of designing a logo that would be unique and stand out amongst others while still representing the school and the mascot (tiger). The objective was to design a logo that could be recognized as the Frenship Tiger; it would need to be exclusive and original. In addition to redesigning the “Tiger” logo, we updated the official Frenship “F” logo, the “Tiger Paw”, and the “Official Seal.”

After several meetings, briefs, brainstorming, sketching, drawing, designing, and revising, the official Frenship Logos were completed and handed over to Frenship ISD.

View Frenship’s Website here: Frenship ISD